ELDAN Recycling A/S, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of end-of-life tyres (ELT) recycling equipment, has expanded its collaboration with the German pioneer in sustainable ELT recycling and developer of patented pyrolysis technology, Pyrum Innovations AG.

The collaboration is embodied by a sales corporation, where both companies will be including each other’s products in their complete recycling solutions and distribute them actively.

Bjørn Laursen, ELDAN Product Manager for Tyre Recycling: ”We use the newest developed designs in production of high-quality steel- and textile-free, uniform-sized rubber granulate. This quality rubber granulate will ensure optimal performance of the Pyrum tyre pyrolysis plants with special attention to low power consumption and automation.”

In addition, Pyrum has ordered a new, more powerful shredder from ELDAN Recycling, which is expected to be delivered to the plant site in Dillingen by the end of 2022. Before Pyrum recycles the ELT using its patented tyre pyrolysis technology, the ELT must be shredded. During the shredding process, the rubber components of the tyres are crushed, and steel wire and textile fibres are separated. With the help of the new ELDAN shredder, Pyrum can triple the capacity of the ELT to be processed to up to 7,000 pieces per day. At the same time, the machine enables a significantly better quality and thus higher sales prices of the separated steel.

Growing tyre pyrolysis in Europe

Pascal Klein, CEO of Pyrum Innovations AG: “We are very pleased about the agreement with ELDAN. In addition to the significant increase in our shredding capacities, which is also a prerequisite for the commissioning of our two new tyre pyrolysis reactors, we will be able to supply a significantly better steel quality with a much higher purity in the future. This means that our steel wire will also count as raw material in the future and can thus be directly processed into new steel. Furthermore, the sales cooperation shows that ELDAN is convinced of our tyre pyrolysis technology and values it as a sales advantage – a further confirmation of our process.”

ELDAN’s Bjørn Laursen adds: ”ELDAN are really excited about the corporation with Pyrum. Our fully automated tyre recycling plant will produce the optimal input for the Pyrum tyre pyrolysis plant. This will be a “state of the art” system that will combine the best of two worlds. We believe the Dillingen plant will be a show-off for more plants to come.”

For more information on Pyrum, visit www.pyrum.net/en