Cable Recycling Solutions


Downsizing cables and sorting metal

Recycling cables has been a profitable business for decades, since copper and aluminium harnessed from old cables can be recycled again and again.

Cable recycling is the process of downsizing cables and sorting metal from insulation for the purpose of recycling. The most sought-after resources are copper and aluminium.

ELDAN provide quality machinery for profitable cable recycling, no matter if the input is dry cables, ACSR cable, harness wire, jelly filled cables, greasy underground cables, etc. The modular design enables you to expand or upgrade your plant as the market changes, i.e. by adding a primary shredder to increase capacity, a classifier to clean the plastic fraction to avoid metal loss, etc.

Cable Recycling Solutions

We offer both standard and customized cable recycling solutions depending on your requirements. The standard solutions have capacities ranging from 300 – 5.000 kg input/production hour and are typically the starting point when customizing solutions for up to 10.000 kg input/production hour. We also offer cable strippers and shears for small capacities or for complimenting other types of cable recycling.

ELDAN’s cable recycling systems are known for high performance, low production costs, and minimum metal loss. The systems and machines are developed based on ambient mechanical technique for size reduction and separation and require no melting or chemical treatment.

Visit our site about additional equipment for more information on cable strippers and shears.

Cable Recycling plant av Eldan Recycling

Dry Cables

Typically, cable recycling deals with dry cables with copper or aluminium conductors. The insulation is made of plastic, rubber, or paper, but power cables may have steel or lead armouring. These can be processed in a cable stripper prior to being downsized in an ELDAN plant. After granulation and separation, the metal fraction will have a purity of minimum 99.5 %.

Visit our site about shredders, granulators, or material separation for more information.

REDOMA – Low and medium capacity cable recycling solutions



Since 2017, REDOMA recycling is part of the ELDAN group. REDOMA cable recycling solutions are cost-efficient cable plants for low and medium capacity needs.

The REDOMA Thunderhawk Plants (capacity of 300-500 kg/h) are small systems for cable recycling that offer simple and efficient plants for recyclers with a limited budget.

The REDOMA Powerkat Plants (capacity of 550-950 kg/h) may be small but are full-grown cable recycling plants in performance and yield an exceptional purity.

The REDOMA Firefox Plant (capacity of 1000-1300 kg/h) is flexible, highly automated, and efficient. It is designed for medium-size companies that need a reliable cable recycling plant at a good price.

Cable recycling solution – Plant overview


Premium Cable Recycling Solutions Upgrades

Pre-shredding - cable recycling

Pre-Shredding Cable

Pre-chopping cable and power cable with diameter of up to 175 mm can be done in the ELDAN Super Chopper. This results in a higher capacity for further down-stream processing in a traditional ELDAN cable recycling plant.

Visit our site about shredders for more information

PC12_plastic cleaner_metalrecovery

Metal Recovery and Sorting

To ensure even lower metal loss, the plastic fraction can be cleaned with a Classifier for fine metal recovery. The Classifier ensures a plastic fraction that is >98 % free from metal and can be a good investment.

The Classifier can also separate aluminium and copper fraction from each other when running mixed cables through the cable recycling plant.

The Classifier can be added to most existing cable plants, proving a sound investment for most recyclers.

Further metal recovery can be done in a turbo mill system. With such a system, a dry metal purity of 99,5 % can be achieved.

Visit our site about sorting equipment for more information

Jelly Cable input

Jelly Filled Cable

Telecommunication cables with petroleum-based jelly insulation are hard to recycle, but the ELDAN Jelly Cable Recycling System offers both high capacity and good output purity. Using only established granulation technologies and hot water in a closed re-circulating system, the plant separates steel, plastic, and jelly from the copper fraction. The copper purity will be approx. 88 % but can be cleaned to minimum 94 % by adding an ELDAN Water Separation System.

The system does not require any special certification or monitoring.

Visit our site about granulators or sorting equipment for more information


ACSR Recycling

The M16-2 and M16-5 are developed for cutting of ACSR (Aluminium-conductor steel-reinforced) cable prior to further processing. The cable shears are simple to load, operate, and maintain and a sound investment if you have a lot of ACSR cable. The feeding speed is up to 60 meters/minute, the chopping speed up to 460 cuts/minute, and the cable diameter can be adjusted from 10-80 mm depending on the specific shear.

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