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Aluminium recycling – for a clean aluminium fraction

Aluminium recycling is a sound business since aluminium can be recycled infinitely without losing quality and is a versatile material used in many products.

Aluminium recycling is the process of downsizing aluminium cans, profiles, turnings, etc. for the purpose of recycling the aluminium in other products. Recycling aluminium beverage cans saves approx. 95 % energy compared to making a can from raw bauxite, and the energy saved by recycling just one aluminium can will run a TV for three hours.

With an ELDAN Aluminium Recycling solution you can process different types of aluminium for a clean aluminium fraction.

Aluminium recycling solutions

We offer both standard and customized aluminium recycling solutions depending on your needs. The standard solutions have capacities ranging from 3.000-10.000 kg/production hour and are typically the starting point when customizing solutions for larger capacities or other special requirements.

ELDAN’s aluminium recycling systems are known for high performance, low production costs, and high metal purity. The systems and machines are developed based on ambient mechanical technique for size reduction and separation and require no melting or chemical treatment.

Typical aluminium scrap

Typical aluminium scrap can be soft and hard aluminium material, clean as well as contaminated material, sheets, blanks, profiles, litho, castings, turnings, foils, used beverage cans (UBC), ”old rolled aluminium”, etc. The specific recycling solution will depend on what aluminium scrap you need to process and if the material is baled or loose.

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Premium Aluminium Recycling Upgrades

ACSR Recycling
The M16-2 and M16-5 are developed for cutting of ACSR (Aluminium-conductor steel-reinforced) cable prior to further processing. The cable shears are simple to load, operate, and maintain and a sound investment if you have a lot of ACSR cable. The feeding speed is up to 60 meters/minute, the chopping speed up to 460 cuts/minute, and the cable diameter can be adjusted from 10-80 mm depending on the specific shear.

Plant overview of an Aluminium recycling solution

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