Making the decision to purchase a recycling machine or an entire recycling plant is a large investment. And as with all other large investments, it is important to take good care of it. Continuous plant maintenance is a winning strategy in the long run.

When choosing your supplier, it is important to consider the value of excellent customer service. Imagine not having to call again and again to get an answer, or being able to talk directly to the engineer in charge of a project. Being easy to contact is one of our most treasured values.

ELDAN is focused on being competent in all areas of customer service. Our employees are very focused on your requirements for equipment and service, and we do our utmost to ensure that your requirements are met. A high level of after-sales service will contribute to the profitability of your company.

Maintenance – a profitable strategy

We recommend all our customers to be proactive and make regular maintenance a routine. By grinding the knifes according to recommendations, the machines will run longer and smoother. This practise has been adapted by most of our customers. As an example, we have an Italian customer within tyre recycling who has had their ELDAN tyre recycling equipment for almost 20 years, and it is still working smoothly.

By keeping up regular maintenance, the capacity of the plant can be kept steadily high and the risk for breakdowns can be avoided. This saves both money on wear parts and unplanned downtime while waiting for parts, refurbishing, cleaning the machines, etc. That way, maintenance is a profitable strategy.

It is recommended that you keep wear parts that you change often in stock, such as knives and screens. ELDAN constantly holds an extensive stock of more than 20 000 part numbers. You will, however, reduce valuable downtime by having them at hand instead of ordering them when you need them. When you order your spare part from us, you can be sure that it will be sent to you within 24 hours (on bank days).

Original spare parts

Ordering ELDAN spare and wear parts from us guarantees a perfect fit according to optimum material specifications. If a customised replacement part is needed, our technical specialists will optimise its design to minimize down-time and ensure the longest possible service life. To ensure you the best possible service, wear parts are manufactured continually and can usually be delivered ex stock.

Tailored spare parts contracts ensure that parts are available for immediate call off. Spare part contracts can be customized to meet customer needs. As an example, we have many customers with spare parts contracts on knives and screens for purchases every second month. Such contracts are a win-win for both customer and ELDAN, since you will receive a discount on the spare parts, and we will be able to optimize our production.

Service on demand

ELDAN is focused on being competent in all areas of customer service. Our processes have been perfected since the company was founded in 1956 and today, we are one of the leading companies in developing and supplying solutions for the recycling industry. ELDAN’s Research and Development Department is constantly looking for ways to optimize our equipment.

This is just one small part of our company that signifies our innovative culture and our pride in manufacturing. We offer everything from design and fabrication to delivery, installation, and after-sales service. We even have our own in-house Electrical Department producing and programming the electrical control systems for our plants and machines.

To further assist our customers, we can offer service contracts that provide for regular visits by our supervisors to inspect the equipment and to give their recommendations for required maintenance. Our AS Department offers both service and spare parts contracts helping you to reduce both downtime and production losses. Flexible Service Contracts with the ELDAN AS Department ensure planned, preventive maintenance of your production line.


At ELDAN we have all competence in-house – all product knowledge, project management, and actual production is kept in our factory and offices. By having the entire team under one roof, we have control over what is happening. This way, we offer greater flexibility to react to changes and new requirements. We offer ad hoc service on existing as well as new equipment through our trained and experienced travel fitters and supervisors. Our experienced travel fitters constantly travel the world to install new equipment and to carry out ad hoc jobs and scheduled maintenance.

We are focused on being competent in all areas of customer service. A high level of after-sales service will contribute to the profitability of your company. Our flexibility and product quality are superb and among the reasons why our customers choose us.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about our different services!

About Eldan - Unbeatable Experience
About Eldan - Unbeatable Experience