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Various Scrap Recycling

Where some may see various scrap and waste, others see opportunities. The recycling machinery from ELDAN has converted millions of tonnes of industrial and consumer waste and various scrap into valuable resources, thus helping both business and environment. We have the know-how, the experience, and the capability to help with your specific problem – from small to large scale projects, from designing the recycling system to commissioning!

Various Scrap Recycling Solutions

All recycling machinery developed at ELDAN are designed to meet market requirements and with the customer in focus. During the years, our recycling solutions have been developed together with customers from all over the world, establishing ELDAN solutions as proven technology. Recycling machinery for small casino coins and cartridge cases, large wind turbine blades, plaster boards, V-belts, and compressors from refrigerators – ELDAN has helped develop the solution to meet the challenge!
Depending on the specific customer requirements, the ELDAN recycling solutions can be tailored to fit the demand. The systems and machines are developed based on ambient mechanical technique for size reduction and separation and require no melting or chemical treatment. The modular system design enables upscaling of production in the future.
Our test center in Faaborg, Denmark regularly process various materials on customer request. If you are curious to know what we can do with your specific scrap or waste in our recycling machinery, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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