The REDOMA machines are cost-efficient recycling machinery for small to medium capacity cable recycling solutions. They are used in the REDOMA cable recycling solutions Thunderhawk, Powerkat, and Firefox, and built for tough working conditions.

Read more about our low and medium capacity cable recycling plants from REDOMA here.

Rough Choppers

The Multi Purpose Rough Choppers (MRC) of REDOMA are primary shredders ideal for small scale pre-shredding of cable, but may be used for pre-shredding materials like plastics, wood, carton, etc. It can be fed with cable pieces, coils, and bundles, and is designed with automatic buffer feeding and hydraulic pusher. Capacity ranges from 500-2300 kg/hour depending on machine size.

The rotor is equipped with hard-metal knives for extra-long lifespan to keep running costs low. The screens and knives are exchangeable, and screens with different hole sizes are available for a flexible production. The Rough Chopper includes electrical control with PLC and touch screen as well as a discharge screw conveyor.

The Rough Choppers are suitable for


The Granulators (GR) of REDOMA are ideal for downsizing cable to granule size. It comes in 3 different sizes as well as two twin-granulators for added capacity.

The Granulators feature robust design with easily replaceable wear discs and bar for a long life. Bearings are 100 % protected from dirt for a wear-resistant machine. Capacity ranges from 300-1400 kg/hour depending on machine size.

The knives are pre-adjusted in a jig outside the granulator for quick knife change, and screens with different hole sizes are available for a flexible production.

The Granulators are suitable for


The Separators (SE) of REDOMA ensure efficient material separation for a clean metal fraction in the REDOMA cable plants. The Separators feature several outlets, separating the granulated cable into metal, insulation, and an intermediate fraction containing granules with insulation sticking to the wire. This middling fraction is continuously fed back for re-granulation, guarantying a maximum metal purity and a minimal loss of metal in the plastic fraction. Capacity ranges from 500-1300 kg depending on machine size.

Optimum separation is achieved by setting eccentric speed, air flow, and inclinations of the separator table. This ensures a metal purity of 99,5 %.

The Separator feature a minimum of movable parts and require very few spare parts and maintenance for low operation costs and little down time.

The Separators are suitable for

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