Starting as a family owned business in 1956, ELDAN is a company with a long history and proud traditions.


E. Laursens Maskinfabrik A/S was founded in Copenhagen by Ejvind Laursen as a company that produced and marketed various types of scrap shears.


Due to local emissions regulations that halted traditional burning of cables to recover metals, E. Laursen developed the first Cable Strippers (M3 and M6). This machine also had the advantage of getting pure copper instead of black copper (copper with oxide on it).

2_cable strippers_1960


The company moved to new and bigger production facilities on the harbour of the idyllic town Faaborg in Denmark.

3_New address_Værftsvej_1971


To explore the potential of tyre recycling, the first experiments were made with downsizing the tough material in the Rasper.


Steen Laursen took over the company from his father, Ejvind Laursen, and the company changed its name to ELDAN. The name ELDAN is made up of E for Ejvind, L for Laursen, and DAN for Denmark and was easier for international customers to pronounce.


The first tyre recycling solution for TDF production was developed and installed at a customer using the tyre chips as fuel for heating up greenhouses.



At an exhibition in Louisville, USA, ELDAN launched the first complete Tyre Recycling Plant which could manage tyres from shredding to separation.


ELDAN was sold to the large Swedish business group Carl Bennet AB with Steen Laursen remaining as Managing Director of the company.

The same year, ELDAN merged with the Sweden based company Scandinavian Recycling.


ELDAN was included as part of the environmental section of Carl Bennet AB – LIFCO AB


To accommodate the increasing demand, ELDAN moved to larger production facilities at Værkmestervej 4 in Faaborg, which is also the current address.


Toni Reftman became Managing Director to prepare the company for Steen Laursen’s retirement.

The same year, ELDAN Inc. was established in Sanborn, New York, to accommodate the growing interest from American recyclers.



Production facilities were expanded considerably by adding two new workshops to the premises. With that, the total area of the ELDAN workshop was 10.000 m2. The expansion was necessary to meet the high demand, to shorten delivery times, and to make room for a testing area, where new materials could be tested in collaboration with customers.


Steen Laursen retired from the company, but ELDAN still employ a 3rd generation Laursen in Faaborg.


Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark was introduced to the global recycling industry during a visit to the ELDAN Recycling production facility in Faaborg.


49.9% of the LIFCO Group was introduced and noted on the Nasdaq Stockholm’s main list. The majority (50.1%) of the LIFCO Group is, however, still owned by Carl Bennet AB.


The Swedish manufacturer of cable recycling equipment REDOMA was bought to expand ELDAN’s cable recycling portfolio for small and medium sized cable recycling solutions.


The workshop was expanded with a new warehouse to accommodate the necessary parts needed.


The workshop was once again expanded with a total production area of 1080 squaremeters for the saw and cutting department, an expansion of the electrical department, as well as for two welding robots as part of an expansion of the welding department.