Material Separation

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Material Separation

Material Separation is important to ensure a high-quality product ready for use in new products. The ELDAN material separation equipment uses air or water flow with oscillating movements or magnets or currents to separate materials depending on their specific properties. Which equipment you will be recommended depends on the type of scrap or waste and the fractions you wish to separate.


The ELDAN Aspirators are used in tyre recycling to separate textile from the rubber granulates and to classify the rubber into three sizes as well as dust.

The machine uses two separate separation devices to ensure optimum purity. Initially, a suction system removes the dust fraction. Secondly, screens separate the textile and sorts the rubber. An efficient anti-clogging system consisting of bouncing rubber balls ensures that screens are not getting blocked by material. The screens with different hole sizes are available for various output material requirements.

The Aspirators ensure a high cleaning efficiency on a wide range of rubber granules and powder.

The Aspirators are suitable for


The ELDAN Classifiers are material separation equipment using oscillating motion and screens to separate textile and rubber, metals and plastics, or different metals from each other.

Depending on your material, capacity, and needed output fraction purity, a range of Classifiers are available for sorting and sizing of the different fractions.

All the Eldan Classifiers have an efficient anti-clogging system consisting of bouncing rubber balls to ensure that the screens do not get blocked by material. They also feature exchangeable screens with different hole sizes for flexible production.

Separation Tables

The ELDAN Separation Table in an essential machine for material separation and ensures a high-quality result of almost 100 % clean main fraction. The easily accessible controls enable adjustment during actual operation.

The Separation Table is used for final sizing and separation as well as for upgrading the final product for ultimate purity.

Water Separation Table

The ELDAN Water Separation System is a cost-effective material separation solution to recover metal dust and fine wires from the plastic fraction after metal separation. By using a well-balanced combination of water, table inclination, and oscillating movements you will get an almost perfectly clean plastics fraction with metal losses as low as 0.2 %. The metal fraction will have a purity of 98-99 % (by weight) after drying.

The water is cleaned through sedimentation and is recirculated in a closed system.

The Water Separation Table is suitable for


The Overband Magnet separates ferrous particles from other materials like aluminium, copper, or rubber granulate. ELDAN offer both electro and permanent overband magnets depending on the specific material separation.

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