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Tyre recycling – customized and versatile

Tyres are among the largest and most problematic sources of waste today due to both volume and durability, making tyre recycling as important as ever.

Tyre recycling is the process of downsizing whole tyres of any type for the purpose of reusing the material for other purposes. The materials most sought after in tyre recycling are clean rubber and steel wire.

With a solution from ELDAN, your recycling will be versatile and customized to your needs. The modular design enables you to expand or upgrade your plant as the market changes. From chip production to granulate, from granulate to powder, etc. You also get a guaranteed capacity and output purity.

Tyre recycling solutions

We offer both standard and customized tyre recycling solutions depending on your requirements for input tyre type, production capacity, and output size/purity. The standard solutions for tyre recycling have capacities ranging from 500 – 20.000 kg input/production hour depending on your needs. These are typically the starting point when customizing solutions e.g. for larger capacities.

The systems and machines are developed based on ambient mechanical technique for size reduction and separation. No melting or chemical treatment required.

Tyre shred production

The ELDAN tyre shredder plant (A-plant) is a primary shredding solution for turning whole tyres into shreds (50-300 mm). With rough screening bars or a screener, an output shred size down to 100 mm can be ensured.

Another option is the A-plant with a Twin Shaft Clean-Cut Tyre Shredder for producing 50- or 100-mm clean-cut tyre shreds. This solution is suitable if you need the steel inside the shreds for tyre-derived fuel (TDF) for the cement industry.

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Tyre chip production

The ELDAN tyre chip plant (B-plant) turns shreds, pre-cut tyres, or even whole passenger car tyres into tyre chips. The output size is adjustable from 10 to 50 mm and approx. 98 % free of steel wire.

Combined with an A-Plant, you get a complete tyre chip plant (C-plant). This lets you turn all types of whole tyres and even pre-cut mining tyres into almost steel free tyre chips.

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Rubber granulate production

The ELDAN granulation and separation plant (D-plant) turns shreds, pre-cut tyres, or even whole passenger car tyres into high-quality rubber granulate separated from textile and steel.

Combined with an A-Plant, you get a complete granulation and separation plant (E-plant). This lets you turn all types of whole tyres and pre-cut mining tyres into high-quality rubber granulate separated from textile and steel in accordance with ASTM-standards.

The E-plant offers the most versatile options for tyre recycling. You can process all tyres and produce both shreds, chips, and granulate in varying amounts from the same plant. This ensures ultimate flexibility!

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Tyre recycling solutions – Plant overview


Premium Tyre Recycling solution upgrades

Quality Upgrade_99,99_rubber

99,99 % pure rubber

The ELDAN quality upgrading systems are a perfect addition to your tyre recycling solution. It ensures the ultimate purity of 99,99 % for rubber fractions. These systems will also result in a virtually black granulate, also known as black gold among tyre recycling experts.

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Powder production

The ELDAN powder plant meets customer and market demands for rubber powder down to 50 Mesh. The system is suitable for tyre recyclers with customers needing a very fine-grained material for their products.

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Steel cleaning system

Almost a quarter of the tyre’s weight is steel which is sought-after by the steel industry. Prices can be up to 4 times higher for cleaned steel wire compared to wire still containing rubber and textile. This makes investing in a steel cleaning system quite profitable in tyre recycling.

ELDAN offer both inline and stand-alone solutions for new and existing tyre recycling plants. The systems remove textile and rubber residues, typical ensuring purities ranging from 96 % clean steel wire with density approx. 300-400 kg/m3 up to 99 % clean steel wire with density approx. 1000 kg/m3.

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