Fridge Recycling Solutions


Fridge recycling

Since old refrigerators contain CFC/pentane gasses that are very harmful to the atmosphere, the process of recycling fridges requires a special setup.

Fridge recycling is the process of downsizing refrigerators for the purpose of collecting harmful gasses and sorting the solid materials for the purpose of recycling. The most sought-after materials are ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

ELDAN provide quality machinery for secure recycling of refrigerators that ensures 99 % of gasses are collected and less than 0,2% gasses remain in the PUR pellets and less than 0,05 % in the oil. The complete fridge recycling solutions include everything from downsizing and separation to collection of oil and gasses in an inert process.

Fridge recycling solutions

We offer both standard and customized fridge recycling solutions depending on your requirements. The standard solutions have capacities ranging from 40 – 80 standard refrigerators per production hour and are typically the starting point when customizing solutions for specific customer needs.

ELDAN’s fridge recycling plants are known for high performance, low production costs, and high purity. The systems and machines are developed based on ambient mechanical technique for size reduction and separation and require no melting or chemical treatment.

Fridge tower
Fridge plant

Fridge recycling solutions – Plant overview


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