Ultimate output size flexibility for production of rubber products

About the client

PVP Triptis GmbH specialize in development and manufacturing of products from a mix of rubber granulate and polyurethane. The company manufactures its own raw material (rubber granulate and powder) for its production of rubber sheets, rolls, etc.

“The developments that impressed us most were the electrical control boards with which you can control the power and production of the entire plant.”


The key to PVP’s success is in producing their own raw material for making their products. This philosophy allows for extensive R&D and for the customisation of products for specific customer needs.

To achieve the flexibility required in granulate production, PVP needed a turnkey tyre recycling solution. Various suppliers were considered with the emphasis on power efficiency, easy maintenance, and low levels of downtime. ELDAN was clearly the best option for their needs.

In 2000, a complete and customized E6000T ELDAN tyre recycling plant was acquired by PVP. And in 2008, they decided to increase their plant capacity and invested in an E4000T tyre recycling plant with Quality Upgrading and Powder System.

“If I had the opportunity to rebuild our production facility, there are naturally some things I would change. One thing is for sure however – I would always choose ELDAN as our partner again”


pure rubber granules and powder for own production

different types of rubber granules produced

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Central electrical control with easy overview of single machine and complete plant performance


Specially built for them, the tyre recycling plant bought in 2000 included Tyre Feeder, primary shredder (Super Chopper), and two tyre granulation and separation plants (D3000T). The primary shredder had capacity to supply both tyre granulation and separation plants with shreds. The entire plant had an average capacity of 5 tonnes input per production hour, producing 0-5 mm granulate.

In 2008, PVP acquired a tyre recycling plant including Tyre Feeder, complete tyre granulation and separation line with primary shredder (E4000T), Quality Upgrade System, and Powder System. The customized tyre recycling plant had an average capacity of 4 tonnes input per processing hour and produce 0-4 mm granulate and powder that is up to 99,99 % free from impurities.

Both plants process both car and truck tyres and give PVP the flexibility to produce up to 24 different output granule types.


PVP’s granulation division produces approximately 20.000 tonnes of rubber powder and granulates per year, 60 % of which is used in their own production, with the other 40 % going to external customers in Germany and abroad.

Their tyre recycling plants have run for many years and still have an uptime of up to 80 % due to regular maintenance.

PVP has been able to measure success by:

  1. Flexibility to meet customers’ demands.
  2. High rubber purity of 99,99 %
  3. Long lifetime of equipment

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