Turn waste into reusable materials with a tyre recycling plant

About the client

Sharjah National Rubber Industries is a tyre recycler in the United Arab Emirates. They see that waste tyres are a large problem in the United Arab Emirates and turn this waste into a reusable material. The company is owned by Ghantoot Group, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

“ELDAN has extensive experience, and they were a strong partner from the start.”


Sharjah National Rubber Industries wanted to process different kinds of tyres, including car and truck tyres, without de-beading and at a high capacity. They also wanted to be able to produce different output material sizes. They were looking for strong, reliable technology to produce the best quality products for a long time. In 2004, Sharjah National Rubber Industries acquired an ELDAN turn-key tyre recycling plant with capacity up to 4 tonnes per production hour. The tyre recycling plant is designed for recycling of complete passenger car and truck tyres, including super singles and tractor tyres, to a high quality rubber granulate of various sizes. The output material is 99,9 % free of liberated steel wire and textile.

“I have only heard good things about ELDAN – from competitors of ELDAN as well as from companies who purchase the material coming out of their equipment. It is high quality machinery producing a high quality material.”


99,9 % pure rubber granules

25 tons rubber granules produced/day

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Ability to process many types of tyres without prior de-beading


After a thorough market analysis, Sharjah National Rubber Industries decided on partnering with ELDAN. “There were two main reasons for choosing ELDAN equipment for our tyre recycling plant. Firstly, they manufacture long-life, strong machines that can handle recycling of tyres without de-beading. Not debeading the tyres saves us a lot of time and money” says Tariq.

“Secondly, having the capability to meet the demand for uniform quality and purity is important, but the flexibility of the plant and being able to change the production from one fraction size to another is also paramount. We are producing according to customers’ orders, and as such, a multisize plant was the right solution to meet our customers’ demands.”


The tyre plant at Sharjah National Rubber Industries was the first tyre recycling plant in the United Arab Emirates. The material produced from the used tyres are TDF, tyre granulate, crumb rubber, steel (iron granules) and textile (fibre). They are the authorized contractor for Sharjah Municipality for long-term basis for their scrap yard of tyres.

Sharjah National Rubber Industries has been able to measure success by:

  • Flexibility to meet customers’ demands.
  • High rubber purity of 99,9 %
  • Long lifetime of equipment

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