Eldan Recycling A/S has delivered and commissioned their first Combi-Line in Turkey. The Turkish customer, Ugur Metal in Dilovası / Kocaeli will be processing E-waste and cable scrap in the plant with an input capacity of up to 4 tons per hour.

Ugur Meral, the owner of Ugur Metal, is one of the innovative metal recyclers in Turkey, who started his business a long time ago with the traditional collecting and manual sorting and selling. Mr. Meral saw that the mix of “raw material” was and is changing, and soon realized that the need of thinking and acting differently was important.

The President Mr. Zhang and the Vice President Mr. Wang from the major Chinese company, Tianjin Xinneng Renewable Resources Co Ltd, Tianjin/China often travel the world to visit their suppliers of both scrap products and processing equipment. In the end of 2013 they travelled from Tianjin, China, to visit Eldan Recyclings head office and production facility in Faaborg, Denmark.

Eldan Recycling attended the EcoWaste exhibition in Abu Dhabi January 20-22. During this exhibition we where honoured to receive a visit from Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Danish Minister of Development Rasmus Helveg Petersen.

Henning Nørgaard, Territory Manager at Eldan introduced the company to the distinguished guests: “I am very proud to see the interest for environmental issues in Denmark. Both Crown Prince Frederik and Rasmus Helveg Petersen where very up to date on the industry as well as on our company.”

Eldan Recycling A/S has launched its latest generation of Dual Drive Cracker Mills, manufactured in its own production facilities in Faaborg/Denmark. The Cracker Mill is used in the Eldan Powder Lines - turning end of life tyres into fine rubber powder with sizes down to 200 mesh (70 microns).

The design of the Cracker Mill Pedestals is new and unique – giving weight and stability for ideal rubber powder production.

The clutch system of the Cracker Mill has been optimized – to meet today’s standards.

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