WEEE/Electronics Recycling Solutions


WEEE/Electronics recycling solutions – customized and versatile

Electronics recycling or recycling of e-waste, electronic and electrical waste, WEEE– no matter what you call it, electronics are a growing opportunity for recyclers worldwide as the amount of waste and the need for resources grow.

Electronics recycling is the process of downsizing various types of electronic and electrical waste to liberate metals and sort these from the organic materials like plastic and rubber for the purpose of reusing the materials. The most sought-after resources are ferrous and non-ferrous metals like aluminium, brass, and copper as well as precious metals like gold and silver.

ELDAN provide quality machinery for profitable electronics recycling, no matter if the input contains electrical household appliances, computers, or other electronic tools and devices. Larger appliances like fridges and freezers, however, need to be processed in an inert system like our fridge recycling solutions.

WEEE/Electronics recycling solutions

We offer both standard and customized electronics recycling solutions depending on your requirements. The standard solutions have capacities ranging from 800 – 7.000 kg input/production hour and are typically the starting point when customizing solutions for specific customer needs, like sorting of specific metal fractions or a combined cable and electronics recycling plant.

ELDAN’s electronics recycling plants are known for high performance, low production costs, and high metal purity. The systems and machines are developed based on ambient mechanical technique for size reduction and separation and require no melting or chemical treatment.

With a small electronics recycling solution, some appliances will need to be dismantled before they can be processed, while the larger solutions with a Ring Shredder for pre-shredding will be able to handle both higher capacities and larger and heavier appliances.

Visit our site about shredders, granulators, or material separation for more information.

Metal Recovery and Sorting

For an even higher metal recovery, the plastic/organic fraction can be cleaned with a Water Separation Table. The Water Separation Table ensures a <10mm plastic fraction that is 99,5% clean and a metal fraction that is 99% clean (when dry).

Visit our site about material separation here

Sensor-based sorting technology

For difficult sorting, ELDAN also offer various sensor-based sorting options. This will enable you to sort out e.g. plastics according to quality and colours, remove the FRP plastics in X-Ray, and clean up the mixed non-ferrous metals fraction into e.g. Cu, Al, etc.

WEEE/Electronics recycling solution plant overview

Electronics plant overview

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