SPS – Small Purpose Sorter



SPS – Small Purpose Sorter

The  Eldan SPS has been designed for demanding classification applications that require low material loss. It is equipped with high-resolution RGB cameras, cutting-edge NIR technology, and an innovative belt feeding system, allowing for exceptional separation ratios and increased stability.

The USP’s

  • Flexible interface.
  • Sorting of various colours.
  • The material is rerun through the machine until the output has reached desired purity.
  • Cutting-edge LED lighting with a high color rendering index CRI90.
  • VPN internet connection.
  • Secure remote access for supervision, adjustment, and maintenance.
  • Programmable automatic cleaning.

NIR Technology – a chemical fingerprint

The Eldan SPS is equipped with Near-Infrared spectrometry for identification of different polymers. NIR technology is the measurement of the wavelength and intensities of the absorption of near infrared light. The absorption or reflectance spectrum is directly proportional to the chemical composition of the polymer.

In other words, the SPS takes a chemical fingerprint of polymers using infrared light at a specific point in time. The NIR technology means fast, accurate, reliable, cost-
effective and non-destructive measurements for identification of material and colour. This makes the SPS a great investment with a guaranteed ROI.

Eldan Sorting –

Optical sorting for Eldan Recycling Solutions. Powered by PICVISA.


In december 2023 Eldan Recycling and Picvisa announced a Landmark Partnership to revolutionize recycling solutions. Eldan’s Industry Expertise and Picvisa’s Innovative Technology equals a synergistic partnership combining decades of recycling solutions with cutting-edge optical sorting technology.

Picvisa, a part of Calaf Grup, brings to the table 20 years of excellence in the design, manufacture, and supply of optical separation equipment for material sorting and waste recovery mainly in the Glass, Plastic packaging and Textile sectors. Their recent certification as a Bcorp emphasizes their commitment to sustainability and innovation in all aspects of their operations.

The partnership is a strategic response to the evolving needs of the recycling market. It represents a significant leap forward, allowing Eldan to integrate Picvisa’s unique optical sorting technology into its processes.

This collaboration will result in the development of new lines of sorting equipment – the MPS and SPS, tailored for efficient sorting in various applications, particularly in WEEE, NF, and mixed metal scrap systems.

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