Delivering a profitable electronics recycling solution

to a previously unserved region

About the client

Holoul E-Waste Recycling provides waste electrical and electronics recycling services to consumers, local and national government agencies, large and small businesses, and electronics manufacturers seeking to be environmentally responsible or to meet corporate social responsibility goals and international standards.

Holoul E-waste Recycling offers collection, logistics support, and guaranteed secure data destruction. With facilities operating to the highest industry and government standards, Holoul is a leading driver of best practices within the electronics recycling industry in Saudi Arabia.

“ELDAN doesn’t just sell machines. They deliver a process. They provide a relationship. They invest in you and continue the relationship long after the sale”


In 2014 Holoul began laying the groundwork for building Saudi Arabia’s first electronics recycling plant. With no precedent in the country, they faced the difficult challenges of delivering a plant that would be profitable and acquiring equipment from a partner who would understand the logistical complexities of building in a previously unserved region.

By 2019, the Holoul team was ready to move forward with purchasing and building the plant. Drawing on years of industry expertise, the Senior Operations Manager for Holoul knew what kind of equipment would be needed and was well-acquainted with the top-tier providers in the industry. He and his team quickly recognized that ELDAN’s global experience, reputation for high-quality equipment, and commitment to relationship management would be their best bet for a successful build for an electronics recycling solution.

“I always feel like the door is open. They are approachable and always answer our questions. I hope to keep working with them in the future”


98 % non-ferrous metals purity

(including PCBs)

95 % ferrous metals purity

1-step liberation of complex electronic scrap

in the ELDAN Ring Shredder


The ELDAN team had been in communication with the Holoul team early in the evolution of the business and had previously sent a project manager to review Holoul’s needs. Once ELDAN was selected to build the plant, the two teams worked closely together to review the goals for the recycling equipment line and possible future lines to determine what equipment would be most profitable and handle the volume and type of electronics recycling needed. ELDAN’s project manager met with Holoul’s architects and construction company vendor so that the building design would ensure integration of the ELDAN equipment line. Once the equipment was selected, the ELDAN team assisted with machine layout and space optimization design for the building.

After ELDAN provided the installation plan, they sent technical staff, the machine containers, and a detailed inventory of the equipment that would be arriving at the Holoul site to ensure a successful installation for electronics recycling.


In 2019 the electronics recycling plant was completely installed over a period of 8 weeks. Once the plant arrived, ELDAN’s technical team installed the interface, the machinery and completed integration with the power supply. The entire process went as planned from the arrival of the first container to the final start-up commissioning and testing, as well as training of the operators.

Holoul was very satisfied that the ELDAN team was able to get the electronics recycling equipment delivered as per the agreed schedule and that the line was up and running soon after commissioning. Once the plant began producing; the outputs from the line were as planned according to the machine specs for steel, non-ferrous, and other materials.

The plant currently shreds and rough sorts electronic and electrical waste, providing a valuable service to the region and a viable sustainable electronics recycling solution for Holoul.

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