Eldan Recycling launches a new generation of Eldan Raspers at the ISRI Convention and Exposition

Now Eldan Recycling launches a new generation of the Eldan Multi-Purpose Rasper - MPR200 HD. This upgraded version is based on the well proven Eldan Heavy Rasper, but with new features for more than double inertia in the flywheels, increased capacity and lowered down time for maintenance. 

E-scrap is always a great success for Eldan Recycling. More than 1,300 attendees from over a dozen countries and over 125 exhibitors will attend. The E-scrap convention and exhibtion is held at Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel, Orlando, FL, 21-23 of October.

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Eldan Recycling launches a new generation of Eldan Raspers at the ISRI Convention and Exposition

MPI Recycling d.o.o., located in the picturesque valley of Meža river, surrounded by mountains, is the only company in Slovenia, and wider area, active within recycling of used lead-acid batteries and other lead-base waste. The secret behind the success is tradition, extensive experience and the best equipment and powerful filter facilities.  This ensures the company the highest quality level of processing, at the same time keeping the environmental impact as low as possible.

For REMATHOLDING only the best is good enough. They put great pride in investments made in their facilities, and being on the cutting edge regarding technology. Why limit yourself to recycling of one material, when you can get three in one?

Would it be possible to make an additional environmental effort
in the municipality at the same time improving the economy in the municipality? This was the aim when the FFV Energi & Miljø A/S in Faaborg-Midtfyn in Denmark started looking for cable recycling equipment.

In the end of the last millennium, Eldan Recycling got an inquiry from Pump Storage Power Plants S.A. (PSPP) for a tyre recycling plant to be installed in Poland. Due to overemployment at one of their power plants, the company wanted to find new occupation for the additional staff. This environmental project resulted in a company called ABC Recykling.

Grupa RECYKL S.A. live and breath end-of-life tyres – they collect, recover and recycle them. It all begun in 2004 when they placed the order for first tyre recycling plant from Eldan Recycling in order to produce TDF chips. Today, they are the largest tyre recycler in Poland currently with three locations for recycling plants (Śrem, Krosno Odrzańskie and Chełm), continuously growing and planning ahead together with Eldan.

Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML), which operate a gold-copper mine in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea, is setting an example to the rest of the mining industry. The mining industry uses large tyres on mining trucks, conveyor belting and drums and these have always presented a problem with disposal. They are usually disposed of in land-fills, but OTML decided that this material could be treated as a recyclable resource rather than a waste product.

For many recyclers the aim is to become the top name within one recycling area. For Zakład Przerobu Złomu “Złomex” S.A. the aim is to become the top of mind wide range scrap recycler - globally.


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