The Eldan system is a "multi-size" system, which means that the output size easily can be changed my merely changing the screens (i.e. larger or smaller holes). By production of rubber granulate, flexibility is an very important factor since the market demands of various fraction sizes will vary. 


Tyre ShredShreds (approx. 50-300 mm)

Shreds are the largest of the output material. The tyres are chopped down to shreds with size of 50-300 mm in the powerful Eldan single-shaft Super Chopper. The maximum size of input material is approximately 1900 x 550 mm. Shreds are for example an useful size when transporting used tyres. They need less space, and therefore the transporting costs are reduced.






Chips (down to approx. 12 mm)

By putting either whole car tyre or pre-chopped tyres into the Eldan medium-speed, dual drive Multi Purpose Rasper chips with sizes down to approximately 12 mm can be produced. At this stage it will also be possible to remove up to 98% of the liberated steel from the rubber granulate. The chips can be used for TDF (Tyre Derived Fuel) which is a fuel used for heat plants and cement owns or for “Equestrian” (i.e. rubber mixed with sand or sawdust used in the horse industry as ground in the stable or at the tracks). Equestrian protects the legs of the horses and is a big industry in for example UK.



Granulate (depend on requirements)

The fine-granulation is a two stage operation which
 is primarily used for liberating and removing as mu
ch textile as possible from the rubber granulates. This keeps the capacity high since the textile otherwise will block the screens and thereby reduce the capacity. After the fine-granulation and separation of steel and textile a rubber granulate with a purity of up to 99.9% can be ensured. The final size distribution depends upon your specific requirements. It can for instance be 0.8 to 1.6 mm and 1.6 to 3.2 mm. Granulate are for example used for Rubber Mats and to Moulded products. It is also used for sports fields and artificial turfs in for example soccer, golf and athletic tracks.



Powder (10 to 50 Mesh)

With the above mentioned granulate from the Eldan tyre recycling plants, powder with sizes ranging from 10 to 50 Mesh can be produced in the Eldan Powder Plant. Mesh is the number of openings per linear inch of a screen (i.e. the higher number, the smaller particles. The powder from the Eldan Powder Plant comply with ASTM D 5603-96. The powder is for example used in the asphalt industry for 

“Rubber Paved Asphalt”. There has been some major projects with this in for example USA and Sweden.






The liberated steel from tyre recycling can be further cleaned into a steel fraction which is 99% free from foreign material, as textile and rubber, andhas a heavy weight density of +700 kg/m3. The largest European steel works regularly use recycled, and further cleaned steel produced from Eldan tyre recycling plants.









The textile liberated in the tyre recycling process can be purchased or picked up from tyre recyclers, since it is a bi-product of tyre recycling. It is not as often reused as the rubber granulate or steel, but it can still be used for various purposes. The liberated textile has an very high effective burning value, since it consist of nylon and rubber powder. It can therefore be mixed with other materials in order to increase that material’s effective burning value. As an example - the cement industry mix the textile with alternative fuel with lower effective burning value (e.g. wood, carton, paper, plastic). Some cement plants also use it for cleaning out the sludge from the rotation owns, since the temperature while burning, cause the sludge to burn; hence the own does not have to be closed down for manual cleaning. Finally, we have heard that the textile can be used as noise insulation and to reduce vibration in industrial plants.


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