About Eldan


Eldan Recycling is a global supplier of recycling equipment for processing tyres, cables, WEEE, aluminium, refrigerators, MSW, magnesium and various scrap. Since 1956, we have installed more than 830 complete plants and 7,100 single machines all over the world.

Eldan Recycling employs more than 90 dedicated staff. Our head office is located on the beautiful island of Fyn (Faaborg, Denmark).

The company has sales offices in:

  • Germany
  • USA (Sanborn, NY)
  • Australia (Gordon NSW)
  • France (Paris)
  • Netherlands (Harlem)
  • United Kingdom (Pulborough)
  • Brazil (São Paulo)

And agents located all over the world.

Eldan Recycling is fully owned by Carl Bennet Group, and a part of the environmental section Lifco AB.

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