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Since the mid-eighties Eldan Recycling has been active on the Latin American continent selling equipment and solutions to the recycling industry. There are many similarities between the recycling evolution in the Latin America and the recycling development in other markets across the globe.

For more than 40 years Mr. Steen Laursen was active within Eldan Recycling. To many of the customers he
became a personal friend. At the end on 2009 he retired from Eldan. Steen tells us about his years at Eldan, and outlines some of the important milestones for the company...

For over 55 years now, Eldan Recycling has been one of the leaders in the continuous technical development of machinery and methods for ensuring that the processing of tyres, non-ferrous scrap and other materials can be an efficient and profitable business. The company started life in 1956, as E. Laursens Maskinfabrik A/S, a manufacturer of small cable shears and cable strippers. Over the years we have significantly expanded our program of recycling equipment to include a wide range of individual machines and complete turnkey plants. Our standard offering today includes equipment for the processing of tyres (including steel cleaning), cable, WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), aluminium (including used beverage cans), SLF (Shredder Light Fraction) and refrigerators.

Decisions on targeted environmental measures often also result in increased operating and fixed expenses. Many companies therefore reject such ideas, believing that larger companies are only doing this to better their own image. However, environmental thinking in a company doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Eldan Recycling has found that environmental awareness not only improves a company’s reputation, but can also save the company money…

The corporate roots of Eldan Recycling A/S dates back to March 1956 and where it was founded by Ejvind Laursen in Copenhagen. The company producedand sold various types of scrap shears. The company was at that time called E. Laursens Maskinfabrik A/S.

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